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Instantly issue bank accounts online to your customers.

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The experience your customers deserve

Achieve higher pull-through for account originations with an experience that works on desktop, tablet and mobile. Delight your existing customers by prefilling their information and wow your new customers by seamlessly integrating into the newest technologies.

Flexibility without compromising agility

Build the business logic and workflows you desire without writing any code and publish changes on your schedule. Test your hypotheses and make changes in real-time to adapt to your changing business.

Intelligent process automation

Use the latest technologies to automate away the manual back-end processes so you can decision and process applications in real-time.

Developer-friendly cloud

Transition to the cloud while ensuring that the software works perfectly with your enterprise stack. Enterprise developers can leverage a powerful, modern API to build custom business solutions.

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Prelim helped us meet our one-month go live date with their world-class team. They worked around the clock to ensure that everything got done with the highest quality.

VP, Digital Strategy at regional bank with $11b in assets

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